The Composed™ faucet collection by Kohler is a design stripped of nonessential flourishes. Composed embodies simplicity. Clean. Classic. Quietly confident. It exemplifies refinement among KOHLER® products as it forms an original composition that is at once unique yet comfortably familiar.


The Beitou™ faucet collection from Kohler strikes a balance between architectural forms and the stunning displays of nature. The result is a peaceful interplay of invention and appeal that speaks to quiet moments of sanctuary.


Evolving from a minimalist design ethos, the Avid™ bathroom faucet collection marries the art of simplicity with dynamic sensibility. Slender arcs, smooth planes, arresting angles – each detail is designed to be encountered. Each element is an essential part of the whole. Avid brings clarity and comfort to modern interiors.


Combining a sleek profile with enhanced utility, the Loure® faucet collection introduces a classically modern look. Loure offers a sensual flow of water with precise temperature and volume control through innovative valving platforms.